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Next week the three competitors of the Industrial Energy Enlightenmentz election will pitch at the international Industry&Energy conference. From now you can vote too. Look at the promo videos of Battolyser, Metalot and Qpinch, read about their innovative contribution to a sustainable industry and vote for your favorite.

Enlightenmentz are shining examples for a sustainable future. Together they can start the green industrial revolution. Industrial Energy Enlightenmentz have been created to inspire the industry in applying promising innovations that can make their energy consumption more sustainable. And to give innovations and processes a boost. This year Proton Ventures, Metalot and Qpinch are competing for the title. The winner will be announced during the Industry & Energy congress on December 13th in Geleen.

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Finalists Industrial Energy Enlightenmentz announced

Which innovation will help the industry through the energy transition without any problems? During the Industrial Energy Enlightenmentz contest we look for promising innovations. This year Metalot, Battolyser and Qpinch compete for the title ‘Industrial Energy Enlightenment of the Year’. The winner will be announced at the Industry & Energy congress. With this contest we want to inspire the industry in the application of hopeful innovations and we want to give the companies that participate a boost.


Metalot – Solid metal fuels

Metals can react with oxygen in the air to release their energy. Also, metals such as iron, aluminum and zinc are not really heavy and not rare. Iron, for example, is the second most common material on earth. These metals are non-toxic, react fairly easily with air and burn in the same way as methane. Metals contain even more energy per volume than fossil fuels. Most importantly, burning metals do not emit greenhouse gasses, such as CO2. In this way, metals can be used to store energy in a sustainable way.


Proton Ventures – Battolyzer

At the end of 2016, the research group of Professor Fokko Mulder at TU Delft presented the succesful realisation of a laboratory scale battolyser. The battolyser can efficiently store a supply of electricity as a battery and split water into hydrogen and oxygen by using electrolysis when the battery is full. The realisation of the first battolyser in Eemshaven in early 2019 is an important milestone for Nuon in Groningen. Nuon’s aim is to be able to store large surpluses of electricity from wind and sun energy for long-term storage and recycling for electricity production.

This new project at Nuon’s Magnum power station, which can be tested immediately, is a first concrete scale up to much larger systems. The hydrogen produced will be used to cool the generators and will replace the grey hydrogen currently used for this purpose. Nuon ultimately wants to use the hydrogen produced as a CO2-free fuel for the gas-fired power station.



The human body is an efficient machine that is very well designed for heat production, storage and transport. The Belgian startup Qpinch has studied these processes well and mimics them to upgrade industrial residual heat of around 75 degrees Celsius to 230 degrees Celsius. Qpinch already tested its technology at Indaver in Antwerp and recently signed a contract with the Austrian chemicals company Borealis to scale up the process.

The three finalists will pitch during the Industry & Energy congress on December 13.

beeldmerk-enlightenmentzWhat are Industrial Energy Enlightenmentz?

Enlightenmentz are shining examples for a sustainable future. Together they can cause the green industrial revolution.


Industrial Energy Enlightenmentz

The Industrial Energy Enlightenmentz contest was created by Industrielinqs pers en platform, the Utilities platform and the FME Energy cluster. The contest is intended to inspire energy-intensive consumers in applying promising innovations. And to give a boost to innovations, products and processes that can cause the energy transition. An Industrial Energy Enlightenment is a technical and social innovation that can reduce energy demand and CO2 emissions or make it more sustainable.


What do they win?

Industrial Energy Enlightenmentz are intended to identify interesting innovations and give the necessary attention. To increase the chance of success. The winner therefore receives a so-called slow money package. This means, among other things, a lot of attention in the Utilities magazine and on The winner also gets access to the Utilities network for one year.


Who determines the winner?

The points for the Industrial Energy Enlightenmentz are divided as follows: a professional jury awards 60 points. The remaining points are given by internet voters (20 points) and the visitors (20 points) from the Industry & Energy conference. During this congress, the finalists pitch their idea.

In 2018 the jury consists of Frank Tielens (HeatMatrix, winner 2017), Florian Ausfelder (Dechema) and Marc Meuris (Imec).