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Industry & Energy 2018


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Thursday 13 December 2018




Closing the gap between the energy sector and process industry

What is the challenge?
To meet the European climate challenges and goals of the Paris Agreement, new ways of collaboration are needed. Fences between the heavy process industry and energy sector have to be lowered. First steps have already been taken. New energy saving processes have been implemented and advanced bio routes have been developed. And yet another, maybe more sustainable synergy is rising…when electrons meet molecules.

Grasp the opportunity
Electrification and electrochemistry can play a pivotal role in cutting CO2-emissions or even becoming CO2-negative. A double-edged sword! Huge amounts of sustainable electricity can be stored by turning molecules from air and water into useful materials and fuels. Fast growing surpluses of wind and solar power in Europe can be stored. And the industry can cut its emissions dramatically and decrease its dependency on fossil feedstock in a competitive way.
To grasp this opportunity, new value chains have to be developed cutting through multiple sectors. So let’s lower the sector fences and start energizing a new economy!

Getting answers to calling questions

  • What opportunities can empower existing and new supply chains?
  • What is the promise of power-to-chemicals?
  • Which projects are already feasible in the short term?
  • Which obstacles need to be overcome for a broad rollout of electrochemistry?
  • What proactive coalitions can be formed?

For whom is the international event meant?
The event is intended for senior management of the (chemical) industry, energy sector and technology suppliers in the Netherlands, Flanders and North Rhine-Westphalia. ‘Industry and Energy’ aims to inspire site managers, R&D managers, business developers, researchers, technical suppliers and policy makers.

Co creation
This year Voltachem, Industrielinqs and FME are joining forces by integrating the Industry & Energy congress with the annual VoltaChem event. In this way they want to create a win-win for all stakeholders in the energy and chemical chain.







09:45 uur

Reception and registration

10:30 uur

Plenary morning program

  • Opening conference by chairman of the day Bob Wind
  • Keynote Mark Williams (Vice-president Europe, Sabic)
  • Short talks from decision makers/experts from different backgrounds:
    • Robert Claasen (Chemelot Executive Director)
    • Prof. Bert Weckhuysen (Utrecht University)
    • Johan Cnossen (ThyssenKrupp)
  • Pitches Industrial Energy Enlightenmentz
    • Metalot
    • Battolyser
    • Qpinch
12:30 uur


13:30 uur

Parallel sessions

  •  Two rounds
  • 45 minutes per session

Click here for more information about the breakout sessions or download the schedule in PDF.

15:15 uur

Network break

15:45 uur

Parallel session

  • One round
  • 45 minutes per session

Click here for more information about the breakout sessions or download the schedule in PDF.

16:45 uur

Conclusion and announcement winner Industrial Energy Enlightenmentz

  • Wrap up
    • Robert Claasen (Chemelot Executive Director)
    • Prof. Bert Weckhuysen (Utrecht University)
    • Rob Stevens (Yara)
  • Announcement winner Industrial Energy Enlightenmentz
  • Closing conference
17:30 uur

Network drinks

18:30 uur

End of conference

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